“Kumbe Forex hulipa vizuri hivi?” Thee Pluto Show His New Multimillion Mansion

Kenyans on various social media platforms were captivated by Thee Pluto’s recent unveiling of his new residence. The popular content producer shared a video featuring him joyfully dancing through the white exterior of his contemporary flat-roofed house, adorned with striking orange highlights at the front door. The heartwarming scene included Thee Pluto carrying his daughter Zoe, adding a personal touch to the celebration of his new abode.

Surrounded by a pristine white wall, the compound exuded a modern aesthetic, with a diligent worker seen cleaning the pavement in the background. The video, initially posted on Nairobi Gossip’s Instagram page, elicited a range of responses from followers expressing admiration and congratulations.

Comments flooded in, with one user drawing a humorous connection to iconic figures like Mzee Ojwang’ and Them Mushrooms, suggesting that the lifestyles of today’s artists are justified. Another congratulatory message acknowledged the hard work Thee Pluto had invested since 2019, with supportive emojis adding to the celebratory tone.

A particularly positive comment celebrated Thee Pluto’s journey, noting the significant progress he has made. The comment referenced a past revelation during a Q&A session where Thee Pluto shared details about his earlier residence in Kilimani, disclosing a monthly rent of not less than KSh 100,000. The move to his current mansion, showcased in a YouTube video, marked a substantial achievement for the content creator.

Last year, Thee Pluto unveiled a stunning 5-bedroom mansion, withholding specific details about its location and construction expenses. Nevertheless, the video hinted at a property valued at around or exceeding KSh 10 million.

Thee Pluto, renowned for his loyalty tests that involve scrutinizing couples’ faithfulness through suspicious phone messages, has earned the moniker ‘relationships sanitizer.’ Beyond his YouTube success, he has diversified his talents, showcasing proficiency as a musician and holding the CEO position in a real estate company.

His multifaceted success extends to high-end motor vehicles, adding another layer to Thee Pluto’s status as a notable figure in Kenyan social media. His journey reflects a trajectory of triumph, capturing the hearts of thousands of fans across various platforms and solidifying his position as a true Jack of all trades.