Ringtone Apoko Talks about His Mzungu Sugar Mummy

In Kahawa West, Nairobi, a recent altercation took place between Gospel singer Ringtone Apoko and politician Casypool, both entangled in a dispute over alleged sugar mommy claims.

The incident was captured on video and shared by 2dbili, showing Ringtone Apoko, the renowned ‘Pamela’ hit maker, stepping out of his car to confront Casypool while he was chatting with someone referred to as YY.

In the video, Ringtone can be seen taking off his shirt and clenching his fists, apparently preparing to engage in a physical confrontation with Casypool, whom he accused of damaging his reputation and spreading rumors.

Shouting at Casypool, Ringtone vehemently denied the allegations and clarified that he had worked hard on his own to afford his lavish lifestyle in Runda, a more upscale neighborhood.

The controversy surrounding Ringtone’s life has been a topic of discussion, but he emphasized that he deserved respect and urged Casypool not to tarnish his name further.

During the confrontation, comedian YY tried to mediate and separate the two individuals involved.

Casypool, on the other hand, seemed displeased and responded with aggressive remarks, threatening to physically harm Ringtone. He belittled the gospel singer and declared that he would not be intimidated, implying that Ringtone should find someone else to provoke.

Ringtone, who has faced his fair share of controversies, continued to assert his position, calling on Casypool to show respect and refrain from making damaging claims against him.

The situation remained tense, but eventually, Ringtone chose to withdraw and returned to his car, while Casypool maintained his aggressive stance.

It’s important to note that conflicts like these can have far-reaching consequences, and it’s best for all parties involved to find peaceful resolutions and focus on promoting positive messages to the public.