Meet “Judge” Ian Mbugua talented ‘daughter’ Vanessa Okeyo

She embodies the character of Sinde Lang’at in the television series ‘Second Family.’ Sinde is the daughter of Leo, portrayed by Ian Mbugua, and inherits her father’s prosperous milling company following his sudden demise. Sinde finds herself immersed in a world plagued by power struggles and betrayal, where only the most merciless individuals thrive.

Despite her lack of experience, Sinde is a resolute and intelligent character. Vanessa describes her as someone who never surrenders and constantly strives to accomplish her objectives. Vanessa herself is fervently cheering for Sinde’s triumph, just like the audience.

“She may be inexperienced, but she’s certainly not foolish. Sinde is highly astute and possesses an ambitious drive. She will stop at nothing to achieve what she sets her mind to, and that’s what I find admirable about her. I’m rooting for her victory, just like everyone else,” Vanessa expresses.

Securing the leading role in ‘Second Family’ marked a significant milestone in Vanessa’s acting career. Initially unaware of the magnitude of the role, she was pleasantly surprised upon receiving the news.

“When I received the call, I unintentionally missed it. It had been an incredibly rough day, and I didn’t know whether it would bring good or bad news. My mind was all over the place, but when I returned the call and heard the news, I was ecstatic. I couldn’t believe it. Even now, I still feel like pinching myself, hoping it’s not a dream,” she recollects.

While she did feel the pressure to meet people’s expectations and perform on such a prominent platform like Showmax, the positive reception from viewers has bolstered her confidence.

“A part of me was worried, ‘Will I live up to people’s expectations? Will the viewers embrace me?’ Showmax is a major platform, and the thought of so many people watching the show made me nervous, especially as a newcomer in the industry. However, so far, things have been going well; I can see that people love it, and that brings me joy,” she explains.

Working alongside seasoned actors such as Mumbi Maina, Brian Ogola, Dora Nyaboke, Ian Mbugua, and Helen Keli has been a valuable educational experience for Vanessa. She admires their talent, studies their performances, and seeks their guidance for her career development.

“I have learned a great deal from them. Whenever we are together on set, I observe how they craft their characters and watch their performances attentively, picking up valuable insights. Every now and then, I approach them for career advice,” she shares.

You can watch ‘Second Family’ on Showmax.