“Sijawahi lala na mwanaume” – Njoki Murira reveals her Rosecoco is vi*rgin -

“Sijawahi lala na mwanaume” – Njoki Murira reveals her Rosecoco is vi*rgin

Njoki Murira, a popular TikTok personality, recently addressed questions regarding her personal life and relationships during an Instagram Q&A session. The social media influencer, known for her captivating dance videos and appealing kienyeji vibe, disclosed that she has chosen to remain abstinent and has never been intimate with anyone.

When a fan inquired about her body count, Njoki confidently expressed her innocence while playfully hinting at the arrival of a future partner. “I am still a virgin, but soon that will change. My significant other is on the horizon,” she shared.

Furthermore, when asked about her current relationship status, Njoki revealed that she is currently involved in a romantic relationship. However, despite boasting a substantial following of over two million TikTok followers, she conveyed that she is not ready to settle down with a man in the near future.

In a previous interview, Njoki emphasized her stance on gender dynamics, asserting that she would never be submissive to a man. She questioned the notion of women serving their boyfriends and humorously asked, “Why should we, who have boyfriends, be manipulated into fetching mangoes for them?” Njoki firmly believes in equality and independence within relationships, stating, “Should I wash a man who has hands? I would rather find myself!”

Hailing from Magumu in Central Kenya, Njoki Murira is of mixed Kikuyu and Kamba heritage. She proudly affirms that her curvaceous figure is entirely natural and refutes any allegations of having undergone cosmetic surgery.

In another revelation, Njoki disclosed that she receives financial assistance from a male friend of Caucasian descent, colloquially referred to as “mzungu.” Although she clarifies that she is not romantically interested in him, as she prefers dark-skinned men, she is willing to assist him in finding a girlfriend in Kenya. Njoki appreciates the trust he places in her, as he entrusts her with his finances. She has been utilizing the funds to aid her search for an apartment that suits his requirements.

Njoki Murira’s candidness about her personal life and beliefs has undoubtedly contributed to her immense popularity on TikTok, where she continues to engage and entertain her dedicated followers.