Obinna: I Will Date Amberay and Her Boyfriend Rapudo.

Former Kiss 100 radio presenter and renowned comedian, Oga Obinna, has decided to reveal his admiration for Faith Makau, popularly known as Amberay.

During a recent podcast episode of the “Kamene and Obinna YouTube Show,” Obinna introduced a playful segment called “Kiss, Date, and Kill.” The game featured Obinna, Kamene Goro’s husband DJ Bonez, and the ladies were chosen by Kamene herself.

Among the choices—Pritty Vishy, Amberay, and Vera Sidika—Obinna didn’t hesitate to express his preference. Confidently, he declared that he would choose to date Amberay without waiting for Kamene to finish listing the names.

Amberay has held a special place in Obinna’s heart for quite some time. During this candid moment on the podcast, the comedian openly shared his affection for Amberay, praising her physical features, including her well-endowed figure, radiant smile, elegant fingers, ample derrière, and smooth skin.

In a playful tone, Obinna even jestingly mentioned that he wouldn’t mind dating Amberay even if her husband, Kennedy Rapudo, were in the picture. His enthusiastic explanation left no doubt that Obinna has a genuine crush on Amberay.

Obinna and Amberay share a close friendship and have been seen hanging out together on multiple occasions. However, it’s important to note that Amberay is happily married. Her Instagram posts reflect her blissful relationship with Kennedy Rapudo, who treats her like royalty, showcasing their deep and genuine love for each other.