“I am a new man without the foreskin.”-Man Thanks Wife For Getting Him Circumcised.

A businessman has shocked the world after he revealed that he has remained uncircumcised for ages.

The man identified as Gordon KaLorna Teti sharing the details on his Facebook page said that he has been uncircumcised for years but it took the wife’s persistent to get the foreskin off of him.

Teti thanked his wife, Veronica Teti, adding that if were not for her persistent, he would have probably spent his entire life with the foreskin.

October 22,2021. My wife got me circumcised. Thank you Nyag Alego. You’re such an influence and a force to reckon with. I am a new man without the foreskin,

Gordon said.

In other news, Gospel Musician, Bahati has leaked a video of himself and his wife in bed.

Sharing the video on his Instagram account, Bahati is seen filming his wife, Diana Marua as she sleeps.

A sleepy Diana tries to make him stop mumbling inaudible stuffs.

She tries to make him stop saying ‘lala (Sleep)’ but the musician keeps filming while sleeping.

She opens her eyes to see Bahati filming her and slaps the phone saying, “Aiii babeeeee.”

Check out the video: