Mama Baha’ explains why Citizen TV does not pay them royalties for Machachari Show

Wanjiku Mburu, popularly known as Mama Baha, has spoken out about unpaid royalties from Royal Media Services (RMS), which has been airing reruns of the popular Kenyan TV show Machachari. She confirmed the allegations of unpaid royalties and offered an explanation for why RMS is not paying the actors and other people who starred in various popular programs in Kenya. She stated that the actors did not sign the royalties contract at the time, and there is not much they can do about it now.

Wanjiku advised artists to ask questions about contracts and look for finer details before signing them. She also suggested that the government needs to have a deeper understanding of the needs of artists and assume some management responsibilities on their behalf. She highlighted the importance of empowering artists by allowing them to focus on their creative work while the government manages their work and micro-manages investment decisions.

In conclusion, Wanjiku emphasized the importance of artists focusing on entertaining rather than worrying about investment decisions. She acknowledged that building one’s own character can be a challenging task, and therefore artists need support and guidance from the government to ensure that they can continue to create and entertain.