Young Lovers, Bodaboda Riders Turn Cattle Dip To A Lodging In Maragua.

Mugumoini residents in Maragua have complained of the high rise of teenage pregnancies.

The residents have attributed the teenage pregnancies to a cattle dip which has been left unused for close to 10 years as teenyboppers and bodaboda riders turn it into their secret haven of immorality.

According to reports, students, bodaboda riders and casual labors can be spotted hanging around the dip waiting for darkness so as their mission can start.

Used condoms, cigarette butts, empty alcohol cans and remains of bhang have been occasionally seen littered around the dip.

The residents are now calling on to the local authorities to make sure that the area is secured and youth are not wasting their future.

They also blamed area police officers saying that they turn a blind eye to the immorality around the cattle dip.