Celebrating controversial ex Radio host Andrew Kibe: what you should know about him.

Andrew Kibe, a former Kenyan radio host and media personality, gained fame as the morning show host on Kiss 100 FM for eight years. He is also the co-founder of Kibe and Kibe, a media production company, and the host of the podcast ‘The Kibe Show.’ Kibe’s broadcasting style is well-known for its candid and often contentious approach, which has earned him a large following in Kenya and East Africa.

Aside from his radio work, Kibe is an advocate of youth empowerment and African economic development. He also hosts various tech and finance-related events, where he shares his knowledge and passion for blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fintech. Kibe frequently discusses financial literacy and inclusion on various platforms.

In recognition of his work in the media and technology industries, Kibe was awarded the ‘Young African Media Mogul award’ in 2019. He is a regular speaker at international conferences and events, making him an inspiration to many in Kenya and beyond. Kibe’s passion for youth empowerment and financial inclusion makes him an excellent example of how to succeed in the media and tech industry. He is a valuable source of knowledge and insight into the tech and finance industry.