Stivo Simple Boy Bashed for Grabbing A Woman’s Melons. -

Stivo Simple Boy Bashed for Grabbing A Woman’s Melons.

Stevo Simple Boy, a well-known and somewhat controversial musician in Kenya, once again ignited a frenzy on the internet when he shared a video of himself engaged in a playful interaction with an unidentified woman.

Stevo, who has been the subject of online discussions for various reasons, took to his social media platforms to post a video that raised eyebrows due to his conduct with the woman in question.

While the woman’s identity remains a mystery, she did reveal her face in the video. In this footage, the young lady is seen joyfully carrying Stevo on her back as they engage in what appeared to be a light-hearted moment of dancing.

However, it was Stevo Simple Boy’s manner of holding her that raised concerns about the singer’s moral behavior. He seemed quite comfortable touching the woman’s chest as they danced and shared this unique moment.

The reactions from the Kenyan public were a mix of amusement and astonishment. It was surprising to witness Stevo Simple Boy engaging in such behavior, as he rarely displays such intimacy with women on the internet.