My Mom Paid Woman to Sleep with Me, Nakuru Man Shares

 I am Patrick, a happily married man from Nakuru. But my happiness was not always there. For ten long years, my wife Njeri and I struggled to have a child. We visited countless doctors and clinics, but nothing worked. We were losing hope and money.

My parents were not supportive. They called my wife barren and urged me to divorce her and marry another woman. They said I needed to carry on the family name and legacy. I refused to listen to them. I loved Njeri and vowed to stay with her no matter what.

But my family had other plans. They hired a woman to tempt me into having sex with her. They wanted me to impregnate her and then claim the child as mine. They thought I would fall for their trap and leave Njeri.

They were wrong. I was loyal to my wife, and I rejected the woman’s advances. I told her to leave me alone and never contact me again. I was angry and hurt by my family’s betrayal.

Njeri was devastated when she found out what they did. She cried every night and blamed herself for our situation. She felt like she had failed me as a wife. I tried to comfort her and assure her that I loved her unconditionally.

One day, a kind neighbour noticed our plight and introduced us to herbalists Mugwenu Doctors of +254740637248. They are famed for helping many couples with fertility issues. We decided to give it a try.

Mugwenu Doctors gave us some herbal remedies and instructed us to take them regularly. She also prayed for us and blessed our marriage. She said we would soon have good news.

They were right. Within a few months, Njeri became pregnant. We were overjoyed and grateful. We thanked Mugwenu Doctors for her help and guidance. She said it was God’s will, and we should always trust Him.

Njeri gave birth to healthy twins, a boy and a girl, two months ago. They are the most beautiful babies in the world. Our marriage is stronger than ever, and we are happy as a family.

My parents were shocked and ashamed when they learned about our miracle. They apologised for their actions and asked for our forgiveness. We forgave them and welcomed them to our lives. They love their grandchildren and spoil them with gifts.

We are thankful to God, Mugwenu doctors, and our neighbours for making our dreams come true. We are also thankful to each other for staying faithful and hopeful. We have learned that nothing is impossible with love, faith and the help of Mugwenu Doctors.

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