Bahati: Were it not for Me , Diana Angekuwa Bado Analewa Mpaka Anakuliwa Kwa Clubs.

In a recent candid discussion aired live on YouTube, Kenyan singer and content creator, Kevin Bahati, openly shared the transformative role he played in rescuing Diana Marua from a lifestyle marred by constant drinking.

During their intimate couple session, Bahati disclosed that he was instrumental in steering Diana away from her previous habits. Prior to becoming Bahati’s girlfriend, Diana was immersed in the clubbing scene and struggled with alcohol dependence.

Diana had previously acknowledged her past, revealing in a video that she had engaged in frequent clubbing and dated multiple men for financial support to sustain her lavish lifestyle in Nairobi. She lived a carefree and indulgent life.

However, when Bahati entered her life, a positive change ensued. Diana ceased her clubbing activities, and this transformation was attributed to Bahati’s influence. Given Bahati’s standing as a respected gospel musician, Diana naturally adjusted her behavior to uphold her husband’s reputation.

Bahati emphasized that he played a pivotal role in steering Diana away from constant clubbing and associations with older men. According to the musician, without his intervention, Diana might have continued her 24-hour clubbing escapades and intoxication.

In essence, Bahati became the catalyst for Diana’s lifestyle change, propelling her into the limelight. Their journey together has resulted in a blessed family with adorable children, showcasing the positive impact of Bahati’s influence on Diana’s life.