“Bread has not been touched!” Dennis  Itumbi defends the proposed Finance Bill 2024

Digital media strategist Dennis Itumbi recently took to social media to clarify misconceptions regarding the upcoming Finance Bill 2024 in Kenya. He refuted claims that basic food items such as bread would be subjected to increased taxes, asserting that there would be no taxation on essentials like bread, milk, and UNGA.

Itumbi criticized Azimio Member of Parliament Sam Atandi for spreading misinformation about State House advisors benefiting from taxes on basic food commodities. He urged Atandi to verify facts before making public statements, emphasizing the importance of informed discourse, especially from elected officials.

The discussion around the Finance Bill 2024 has sparked heated debates, particularly concerning proposed taxes on food items, vehicles, and other goods used by Kenyans. Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah, known for his activism, highlighted the significance of public participation in the legislative process mandated by Article 118(1)(b) of the Constitution.

Omtatah called on Kenyans to familiarize themselves with the bill and voice their concerns through their elected representatives before it is presented in Parliament. He emphasized the power of public awareness and engagement in effecting meaningful change, urging citizens to challenge policymakers to address pressing issues effectively.

Highlighting the consequences of apathy, Omtatah warned that failure to engage could result in citizens bearing the brunt of proposed taxes without avenues for recourse. He stressed the need for proactive civic engagement to influence the country’s trajectory positively.