Pastor JJ Reveals Why Kikuyu Artists Are Denied US Visa

A few months back, a puzzling situation unfolded in the world of Kikuyu Mugithi artists, as they found themselves repeatedly denied US visas. The perplexing question of why these talented musicians were being barred from performing their beloved Mugithi live on American stages left many curious souls seeking answers. However, the enigmatic Pastor JJ Gitahi recently shed light on this perplexing situation.

In a video circulating on TikTok, Pastor JJ boldly asserted that a significant adversary lurked within the Kikuyu music industry, someone so consumed by jealousy that they resorted to spreading baseless rumors within the hallowed halls of the US embassy. According to the pastor’s account, this mysterious figure had been diligently composing letters to the US embassy, tarnishing the reputation of Mugithi artists by labeling them as drug ambassadors who smuggled illicit substances, including bhang, into the United States.

Pastor JJ went on to affirm that it was these false allegations that had led to the blanket denial of US visas for all Mugithi artists. This revelation was brought to the forefront by Sue Gacambi, a Kenyan residing in the US and a staunch advocate for Mugithi music, who raised concerns about this disturbing situation.