Meet Yesu wa Tongaren, Luhya Man Who Claims to be Jesus Christ and Has 12 Disciples.

In western Kenya, a man named Mwalimu Yesu has assumed the role of the late Jehovah Wanyonyi, also known as Jesus Christ. Yesu asserts that he is the authentic Jesus and operates his ministry from this region.

Identified as Tongeren, Mwalimu Yesu claims that he has been appointed by God to be the savior of the world, emphasizing his personal and direct communication with God. Similar to the biblical Jesus Christ, Yesu has chosen 12 disciples, each given a name from the Bible, to assist in the expansion of his ministry.

The disciples play a crucial role in supporting Mwalimu Yesu’s mission. According to him, the selection of these disciples was divinely guided by the almighty God. Entry into the main church requires adherents to undergo a repentance session in a separate location, outlining the rules of his ministry.

Mwalimu Yesu, hailing from Western Kenya, asserts himself as the local Jesus and claims to have 12 devoted disciples accompanying him on his journey. His followers express their devotion by worshiping him on bended knee, believing in his ability to perform miracles, particularly in healing the sick. They firmly believe that he is the pathway to heaven.

In a departure from the biblical narrative, Mwalimu Yesu is a married man, with one of his disciples, Benjamin, serving as his wife. Together, they have been blessed with eight children. This starkly contrasts with the biblical Jesus Christ, who, according to the scriptures, was unmarried and did not have any children.