Samidoh Post Hours After Eddy Nderitu Confirmed There Break-up & He’s Deadbeat Dad -

Samidoh Post Hours After Eddy Nderitu Confirmed There Break-up & He’s Deadbeat Dad

Samidoh, a prominent Mugithi musician, has mentioned that he has some errands to attend to in Kisii Town at the moment. He also conveyed his heartfelt gratitude to the people of Narok for their overwhelming support.

Edday, in response to the situation, revealed that she has decided to distance herself from the toxic environment that had been affecting both her and her children. Her announcement garnered significant attention and reactions from her social media connections and followers.

Many have commended her courage in taking this step, while others have extended their well-wishes to Karen Nyamu.

We all make choices with the welfare of our children in mind, just as many have endured difficult marriages for the sake of their offspring, and we continue to do so. It’s essential to prioritize mental peace and well-being. Welcome to Kenya, a land where marriage and childlessness coexist. Edday, may you find a loving husband who appreciates you without comparisons or conditions.

Warm regards to Edday Nderitu. Exiting a marriage is never an easy decision, but prioritizing one’s peace of mind should always come first. Focus on happiness, not just marriage. If you felt the suffering was unbearable, then so be it. May peace and joy accompany you as you embark on this new chapter.

You’ve demonstrated strength, and you still do. I pray for God’s grace and protection as you and your family venture into this new chapter of life. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen. May this new phase bring you and your partner immense joy and prosperity, as well as the fulfillment of parenthood that your children deserve.

I’m truly sorry for the shame you’ve had to endure. May God open doors for you that exceed human imagination. Keep growing, girl. You had me worried that you might return to more toxicity.

Best wishes, Edday, as a mother. Seek advice from Akothee, the leader of an organization for single mothers. You will thrive, and both you and your children will flourish.

Women who prioritize self-respect, loyalty, and sanity have my utmost admiration. Always put yourself first. As for Karen Nyamu, remember that what you give out often comes back to you.

In five years, the stories of Samidoh and Nyamu, both motivational speakers, will have evolved. On a future date, Eddy will have found a mature, permanent resident of the United States of America.

Edday, you’ve made the right choice. You and your husband will no longer have to endure the strain, anxiety, and heartache caused by another woman’s jealousy. Let her enjoy her chosen path, and stay out of it.

Someone on the internet suggested that those who support your decision to leave may label you as a single parent. While polygamy is culturally accepted in our African context, Samidoh’s actions have been criticized.

He should have shown some maturity and communicated to Karen that as the first wife, you deserve respect, and she should respect boundaries. To the extent that Samidoh remains nonviolent, I commend him.

Parenting can be challenging without a father figure. I hope you find complete healing, and I hope everyone can see the error of their ways.

May the God who instituted marriage step in and bring reconciliation between you and your husband. According to the Bible, even though Solomon had 900 wives, God still used him. It’s okay. However, Edday is free to make her own choices, and if she believes she can provide for her children adequately on her own, she should be allowed to do so.

Let’s remember that being a single mother is nothing to be ashamed of. While we strive to align with biblical teachings, we also have to navigate the complexities of the real world.