Pritty Vishy admits dating a Girl out of curiosity -

Pritty Vishy admits dating a Girl out of curiosity

Pritty Vishy, the former girlfriend of Stivo Simple Boy, has come forward to reveal that she has dated another woman. The curvaceous woman, who is currently in a relationship with Madini Classic, was responding to a fan who asked if she was attracted to other women.

Pritty revealed that she is drawn to women with large buttocks, stating that she has often found herself admiring such women. She went on to share her experience of dating another woman, explaining that it was out of curiosity and that they had met on Facebook. They later moved their conversations to WhatsApp, where they shared intimate photos and videos with each other.

Pritty rose to fame for her relationship with Kenyan singer Stivo Simple Boy, but the couple ended their relationship due to allegations of infidelity and insecurity. Stivo accused Pritty of sleeping with other men, but she dismissed the claims as being driven by insecurity.