Karen Nyamu Seeks Attention Of Waithaka wa Jane After The Drama With Samidoh

After the drama of the end of the year, it seems Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu is starting her new year with a new relationship.

Karen Nyamu has sparked fresh speculations about her love life after sharing a poster of Mugithi singer Waithaka wa Jane on the advertisement of his upcoming performance which will be held outside of the Country Kenya, Dubai.

She even mentions the scuffle that she had with the wife of her baby daddy Samidoh, also a Mugithi singer, during the latter’s live performance in Dubai.

“Dubai I am excited lazima tumalize ile kitu nilikuwa nataka kufanya pale stage. See you tomorrow our beloved Dubai diaspora,” Nyamu said.

During the incident in Dubai nightclub, Karen Nyamu was captured in a viral video causing a scene during Samidoh’s concert. Samidoh is married to his wife of 12 years, Edday Nderitu, making the nominated senator Karen Nyamu his infamous mistress. During the performance, a drunk Karen Nyamu forced her way on the stage to dance alongside Samidoh before he had bouncers attempt to throw her off the stage after causing a huge drama. Later,

she would seek out Samidoh, who was seated with his wife, appeared to argue with him and forced herself to sit in his lap.

This did not go down well with Edday Nderitu who confronted the nominated senator Karen Nyamu before the two were seperated from the scene. Karen Nyamu later said on Instagram that she was done making a fool of herself and she is now a single woman without being in any relationship with anyone.

This even as a section of Kenyans began demanding for the revocation of Karen Nyamu’s appointment as a nominated Senator, saying she was embarrassing the country and the United Democratic Alliance party (UDA) the President William Samoei Tuto’s party which nominated her.