Ringtone Apoko: Mungai Eve Ameharibika , ni Mlevi, Anapenda Pombe Sana.

Ringtone Apoko found himself amidst the star-studded guest list at Mungai Eve’s extravagant birthday bash held at a posh city hotel. However, he made headlines for his rather controversial actions. Live on camera, Apoko decided to shed light on Mungai Eve’s penchant for alcohol consumption.

During an interview with Shiko Gitau, Apoko didn’t hold back. When questioned about his birthday gift for Eve Mungai, his response was nothing short of savage. He brazenly stated that he had gifted her 5 liters of divine wine, citing her reputed love for alcohol as the reason behind his choice.

“Eve, I’ve heard she’s quite the drinker, a real aficionado of alcohol. So, I’ve brought her 5 liters of divine wine to indulge in completely.”

Not stopping there, Apoko expressed his desire for Mungai Eve to drown her sorrows in alcohol, hoping she would momentarily escape her troubles. He delved into her past, recounting her journey from poverty to becoming a young, affluent celebrity. Despite his critique, he expressed pride in her achievements and optimism for her future.

Moreover, Apoko couldn’t resist taking jabs at other celebrities, a habit he’s known for. Eric Omondi became a target as Apoko insinuated that Omondi’s ventures were financially backed by NGOs, explaining his apparent absence when Omondi faced legal troubles.

In Apoko’s world, controversy seems to be a constant companion, as he fearlessly airs his opinions, regardless of the consequences.