President William Ruto message of hope to Kenyans this Easter

President William Ruto shares a message of hope as Christians in Kenya and worldwide observe the Easter season.

In a heartfelt social media post, Ruto reflects on the significance of Easter, emphasizing its reminder of the immense sacrifices made by Jesus Christ to fulfill his divine purpose.

“Easter serves as a poignant reminder of the profound sacrifices and intense suffering endured by the Son of God as he carried out his redemptive mission for humanity. It is through his grace that we find salvation and the promise of eternal life in the timeless realm of God’s kingdom.”

He acknowledges the hardships faced by Kenyans, drawing parallels between the challenges of life and the trials faced by Jesus.

“We recognize that life, irrespective of time or place, is fraught with its own trials and tribulations. Yet, the Easter message of hope does not negate these struggles but rather offers solace in the knowledge that, like Jesus, we can overcome them.”

Expressing confidence in the resilience of Kenyans, Ruto highlights the importance of values exemplified by Jesus Christ in overcoming adversity.

“As a nation, we draw strength from the values of solidarity, integrity, and efficiency. With a concerted effort and a steadfast commitment to these principles, we can navigate even the most daunting obstacles and lay a firm foundation for future generations.”

He calls upon Christians to reflect on the selflessness of Jesus Christ and to emulate his example within their communities.

“Let us meditate on the divine example set by our Lord, who triumphed over unimaginable suffering. His legacy continues to inspire countless generations across the globe.”

Ruto urges Christians to extend kindness and support to those in need during this Easter season.

“Let us reach out to our fellow humans with compassion and generosity, offering prayers, words of encouragement, sustenance, and shelter to those who require it. From my family to yours, I extend warm wishes for a joyous Easter.”

Today marks Good Friday, commemorating Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, followed by Easter Sunday, symbolizing his resurrection.