Police in Mombasa arrest 150 suspects behind spate of robberies in the County’s CBD

150 individuals suspected of participating in a series of violent robberies within Mombasa and its surroundings have been apprehended by law enforcement authorities. The arrests occurred on Wednesday, April 24, across various locations within the Mombasa Central Business District (CBD).

A joint task force comprising police officers and Mombasa County enforcement personnel conducted raids on the hideouts of these alleged robbers. The operations targeted areas such as Makadara grounds, Mama Ngina, Jalaram Feeding Centre, Docks Roundabout, and Mbaraki Cemetery.

According to a police statement, the operation commenced around 11 am and resulted in the apprehension of 140 adults and 10 juveniles. Additionally, their hideouts were dismantled, and the authorities confiscated their crude weapons.

Mombasa County Commissioner Abdi Noor has announced that the apprehended suspects will face legal proceedings, with their court appearance scheduled for the morning of Thursday, April 25.