Paul Kibe Gifts His Girlfriend Lizah Njeri, Flowers & Yoghurt After Tattooing His Name on Her Forehead

Recently, a Kenyan woman named Lizah Njeri captured widespread attention with a bold declaration of love for her boyfriend, Paul Kibe. She visited a tattoo parlor and had Paul’s name permanently inked onto her forehead, a gesture that left many astonished.

Referencing a common adage, Lizah invoked the saying, “si mlisema gari haina number plate ni ya mwizi” (“didn’t you say a car without a number plate belongs to thieves”), implying that her decision was inspired by this analogy. She expressed her desire to symbolize her bond with her beloved by taking this extreme step, which she showcased in a video documenting the tattooing process.

Following Lizah’s daring act, her boyfriend, Paul Kibe, reciprocated by demonstrating his appreciation in a separate video. He surprised Lizah with a thoughtful gesture, presenting her with flowers and yogurt.

Paul explained his actions, addressing the skepticism some may have about Lizah’s tattoo. Holding a bouquet of red roses, he highlighted the significance of his gesture, emphasizing the depth of their connection.

In another video, Paul arrived at Lizah’s home, where she lay in bed with his name proudly displayed on her forehead. He greeted her warmly, acknowledging the tattoo affectionately referred to as the “number plate,” and proceeded to present her with the gifts of yogurt and flowers.

Lizah, in turn, offered advice to other women, suggesting that they, too, could consider expressing their devotion through tattoos of their partners’ names, provided they were certain of their love and commitment.