Amount Of Money Prisoners In Australia Earn Per Day And ‘Luxuries’ They Enjoy -

Amount Of Money Prisoners In Australia Earn Per Day And ‘Luxuries’ They Enjoy

The idea of being locked up in a prison can be a daunting one for many people. While the death penalty is considered the most severe punishment, spending a portion or all of one’s life in prison can be just as unnerving. However, the conditions and facilities of prisons vary greatly depending on the country or region. Third world countries tend to have the worst prison facilities, while those in developed countries are typically more comfortable and professionally run. In this essay, we will take a closer look at the earnings and luxuries enjoyed by prisoners in Australia.

Prisoners in Queensland, Australia earn between $2.80 and $8.45 per day depending on the type of work they are assigned. For example, cleaners and groundsmen earn $2.80 per day, while stores assistants and landscapers earn $3.50 per day. Supervising cooks, on the other hand, earn the highest rate at $8.45 per day. Additionally, students receive $3.50 per day and unemployed prisoners receive $1.30 per day, along with a weekly hygiene allowance of $9.55 for all prisoners.

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The money earned by prisoners is stored in an account that they can access. These accounts are used to purchase essentials from the prison canteen and to use the phone system. The amount of money prisoners can have in their accounts is not capped, but they are not allowed to transfer or borrow money to other prisoners. Families, friends, and professional visitors can deposit money into the prisoner’s account through postal orders, and it takes about a week for the funds to reflect on the account. There is a limit on the amount of money that can be sent, with a cap of $300 for low to medium security prisoners and $200 per month for high security prisoners.

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Conjugal visits, where prisoners can spend time with their partners, are allowed in some parts of Australia such as the Australian Capital Territory and Victoria. However, they are not permitted in Western Australia and Queensland. Additionally, prisoners have access to Pay-TV packages in Victoria, snacks such as stuffed olives and popcorn, and even ice cream in some prisons. Female inmates have access to a wide range of beauty products, including mascara, hair treatment, and tinted moisturizers. In Queensland, prisoners have a reported $1000 trust account and can purchase music and magazines from the prison canteen. Some prisons also offer religious meals such as halal and kosher, and have introduced lollipops and seafood and steak menus to appease inmates following the ban on smoking. Internet access is available in prisons in the Australian Capital Territory, but not in other jurisdictions.

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In conclusion, while the thought of being locked up in a prison can be terrifying, the conditions and facilities of prisons vary greatly depending on the country or region. In Australia, prisoners have access to a variety of luxuries, including conjugal visits, Pay-TV packages, snacks, and beauty products. Additionally, they can earn money through work and have access to their own accounts, allowing them to purchase essentials and use the phone system. However, it is important to note that the conditions in third world countries may be vastly different from those in developed countries such as Australia.