Stevo Simple Boy’s Manager, Chingiboy Mstado, Demands Sh 150,000 Payment to Return Artist’s Social Media Pages

Chingiboy Mstado, also known as Stevo Simple Boy’s manager, has disclosed that he currently controls Stevo’s social media accounts. Speaking with SPM Buzz, Chingiboy clarified his ownership of these accounts while expressing his readiness to relinquish control once his professional ties with the artist are severed.

Explaining his decision to retain control over the accounts despite the termination of their working relationship, Chingiboy revealed that he had to acquire them from Stevo’s previous management, which required a monetary exchange. He recounted a lengthy conversation with the former manager, during which negotiations centered around financial compensation for the release of the accounts.

Acknowledging the rightful ownership of the accounts by Stevo, Chingiboy emphasized his willingness to return them. However, he underscored the need for reimbursement of the funds he expended to secure their transfer, clarifying that he doesn’t seek repayment for other investments made on behalf of the artist.

Chingiboy also shed light on his role in covering Stevo’s monthly rent in Buruburu, stating that although ideally, this expense should have been covered by income from Stevo’s music performances, in reality, he often footed the bill due to a scarcity of gigs. He noted the meager monthly earnings from performances, which necessitated his financial support to ensure Stevo’s housing needs were met.

In summary, Chingiboy Mstado, Stevo Simple Boy’s manager, disclosed his control over the artist’s social media accounts, his willingness to return them, and his expectation for reimbursement of expenses incurred in acquiring them. Additionally, he highlighted his role in covering Stevo’s rent, underscoring the financial challenges faced by the artist.