Musician Bahati Showers First Born Daughter Mueni With Love

Content creator and musician Kelvin Kioko, famously known as Bahati, has poured his heart out in adoration for his firstborn daughter, Mueni.

Taking to his social media platforms, Bahati celebrated his daughter with heartfelt words, expressing his unwavering love for the little princess. He continues to embrace his role as a proud father to the charming Mueni, whom he shares with his former partner.

In a throwback photo shared online, accompanied by an affectionate emoji, Bahati conveyed his love for Mueni, even in his moments of absence.

Mueni is the offspring of Bahati and Yvette Obura, from their past relationship before Bahati tied the knot with his current wife, Diana Marua.

Despite living separately from the Bahati household, Mueni remains an integral part of the family dynamic, regularly spending quality time with her siblings. Diana Marua has also warmly embraced Mueni as her own, engaging in various activities together, including outings and recently purchasing land for her in Ngong.

Netizens have marveled at the bond shared between Mueni, Diana, and the other children, praising the inclusive and nurturing environment. However, rumors hint at tensions between Diana and Yvette.

Despite their differences, Yvette and Bahati have maintained an amicable co-parenting relationship, prioritizing their daughter’s well-being since she was blessed into their lives eight years ago.