Krg The Don: Why I Pay My Bodyguard, A Salary of Ksh.650,000 Per Month.

Kenyan singer and entrepreneur Krg The Don recently disclosed the substantial sum he allocates for the monthly salary of his personal bodyguard.

During an interview with an online media outlet, Krg The Don emphasized the importance of security in his line of work, asserting his status as a prominent musician necessitates adequate protection. He highlighted his preference for trained security personnel to accompany him.

Krg revealed that his current personal bodyguard, possessing a robust physique, commands a monthly salary of Ksh.650,000. He personally ensures timely payment as a recognition of the exemplary service provided.

Explaining the rationale behind such generous compensation, Krg attributed it to his bodyguard’s overseas training. Having undergone rigorous training with the British military, the bodyguard possesses elite skills that warrant the substantial remuneration.

Further showcasing his confidence in his security detail, Krg took to his Instagram stories to share a video of his bodyguard’s impressive convertible car. This display underscores the bodyguard’s distinction as a highly skilled professional, deserving of the substantial investment from Krg The Don.