Diana Marua: I Make More Money Than Bahati, But I Humble and Owe My Success To Him.

Diana Marua has left an indelible mark on the hearts of many Kenyans through her recent revelation about her marriage to Bahati, spanning over five years. In a candid discussion on her official YouTube channel, Diana shared the profound impact her husband has had on her life. She described Bahati as her destiny connector, attributing her transformation into a successful and prosperous woman to God’s use of her husband in her life.

Their journey together was not without its challenges, with Diana highlighting the initial difficulties they faced during the first two years of their relationship. Despite the setbacks, Bahati persistently supported and uplifted her, leading her to abandon her accustomed luxurious lifestyle and embrace her husband’s budget-conscious way of life. Bahati played a pivotal role in inspiring Diana to venture into content creation, marking the beginning of her path to greatness. Throughout her success, Diana consistently acknowledges her husband’s instrumental role in her achievements.

Diana Marua’s unwavering devotion and respect for Bahati are evident in her commitment to sharing their financial decisions and considering their earnings as a joint venture. Even when she earns more money than Bahati on occasion, Diana remains humble, submissive, and attentive to her husband’s wishes. She understands the importance of respecting Bahati as the head of their household and values his role as a man. Diana’s humility before Bahati is a cornerstone of their successful and admired relationship, resonating with many Kenyans who applaud their partnership.