Krg the Don: I Used To Give My Ex Wife Everything But She Cheated On Me With A Bedsitter Man”

Krg the Don, a highly controversial and affluent figure in Kenya’s dancehall scene, remains embroiled in bitterness towards his former partner, Linah. Their romantic relationship came to an end a year ago, leading Krg to file for divorce in October 2021, a legal process that is still pending judgment.

Amidst the legal proceedings, Krg has chosen to publicly shed light on the troubling behavior exhibited by his ex-wife during their time together. According to Krg, he spared no expense in providing for Linah, as they resided in a luxurious multimillion-dollar estate in Nairobi’s upscale suburbs, enjoying a lavish lifestyle. However, despite the abundance they shared, Linah’s conduct took a sharp turn.

Krg reveals that Linah engaged in promiscuous behavior, frequenting bedsitters and involving herself with numerous partners, extending beyond mere infidelity. Shockingly, he even received reports of Linah being caught in compromising situations with married individuals in Ruaka. Furthermore, Krg discloses Linah’s penchant for indulging in alcohol-fueled escapades at local clubs, where she would engage in intimate encounters with strangers, raising concerns about potential health risks associated with such behavior.

Despite his efforts to address these issues with Linah, Krg asserts that she remained obstinate, prompting him to initiate the separation process and pursue divorce. Presently, Krg attests to his own well-being and dedicated care for their children. Looking ahead, he expresses intentions to remarry following the conclusion of the divorce proceedings.