Pastor Ng’ang’a Donates One of His Cars To A Long Term Friend -

Pastor Ng’ang’a Donates One of His Cars To A Long Term Friend

Pastor Ng’ang’a, senior Pastor of Neno Evangelism Center, surprised people when he gave an old friend named Mama Mbugua a car. This occurred on New Year’s Eve during Kesha’s night.

The Pastor summoned Mama Mbugua to the platform, where he proceeded to tell the story of how they met. Ng’ang’a stated that it was the lady who supported him after he was released from prison with her husband more than two decades ago.

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He went on to say how they helped him start his life after prison by supporting his small fruit vending business.

Ng’ang’a stated that he has always felt the burden of thanking the lady for her assistance, and that there will never be a better time.

So he told his wife to accompany the lady home and let her choose one of the five cars he owns and take it with her.

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Many of Pastor Ng’ang’a’s critics, who have always been on his case for all the wrong reasons, were taken aback by the act of generosity.

Not too long ago the Pastor was under criticism for charging for prayers. A poster that was making rounds on social media elicited mixed reactions with some seeing no problem with it while others were throwing stones accusing the preacher of commercializing prayers.

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Ng’ang’a is known for making controversial statements in his preachings, some of which have been troublesome with some quotas. Not too long ago his Tv channel was suspended by the Communication Authority of Kenya after displaying contents that were against CAK’s regulations.