Socialite Pritty Vishy Says Her Ex Stevo Simple Boy Is Not Her Type Anymore

Pritty Vishy and Stevo Simple Boy shared a significant relationship over the years, yet parted ways in early 2022. Since then, Stevo has entered into marriage with another woman, although recent rumors suggest trouble in paradise.

It was revealed by Pritty herself that she initiated the breakup with Stevo. Despite Stevo’s newfound fame, Pritty asserted that reconciliation is out of the question, emphasizing that Stevo no longer aligns with her preferences.

Reflecting on their past, Pritty acknowledges the evolution of individuals over time. She and Stevo now harbor divergent aspirations, prompting their separation. Pritty is resolute in her decision, indicating a firm stance on moving forward independently.

Interestingly, it comes to light that Pritty and Stevo’s relationship lacked a romantic dimension. Stevo’s preference to uphold intimacy until marriage clashed with Pritty’s desires.

Pritty refrains from delving into specifics regarding the deterioration of her feelings for Stevo, citing a natural drift rather than conflicts or infidelity. Despite the breakup, Pritty maintains an amicable rapport with Stevo, emphasizing mutual respect and camaraderie.

While Stevo navigates the complexities of his new relationship, Pritty remains unattached, channeling her energy into her burgeoning career as an entertainer and influencer.