Pastor Kanyari: Nilihubiri hii Nairobi Nikicheza Bila Suruali Ya Ndani For 2 Years

Controversial preacher Pastor Kanyari recently shared a surprising revelation about his early days in the ministry. During a live session on TikTok, the founder of Salvation and Healing Ministry disclosed that for a period of two years, he preached without wearing underwear, considering it of little importance.

Reflecting on his journey in Christianity, Pastor Kanyari expressed that he saw no significance in wearing underwear during his early preaching days. He recounted how preaching without this undergarment allowed him to freely dance and move around the church without any inhibition.

The preacher emphasized that during this time, he was entirely focused on the message he was delivering, without being bothered by societal norms regarding attire. He recounted instances where congregants cheered him on as he energetically leaped and ran during his sermons.

According to Pastor Kanyari, his experience highlights the importance of prioritizing visible essentials over unseen ones. He encouraged people to invest in clothing such as shirts, trousers, and shoes, rather than fixating on items like underwear that are not immediately visible.

In another controversial statement, Pastor Kanyari advised parents to dress their children appropriately for their age and in alignment with contemporary fashion. He argued that dressing children in age-appropriate attire enhances their attractiveness and acceptance in society.

He urged parents to avoid dressing their children in clothing more suited for adults, emphasizing the importance of allowing children to express themselves within the norms of their own generation.

Pastor Kanyari’s remarks stirred debate online, with some supporting his views while others questioned the appropriateness of his advice. Despite the controversy, Pastor Kanyari remains steadfast in his beliefs and continues to advocate for what he perceives as essential values in dressing and behavior.