Policeman Cuts Mpango Wa Kando ‘MJULUS’ After Catching Him With His Wife in Bed

In a shocking incident, a 43-year-old Kenyan Defense Forces (KDF) soldier stationed in Nanyuki discovered his wife in the company of another man, leading to a disturbing turn of events.

As per the available information, the soldier apprehended the 25-year-old individual involved and subjected him to a distressing ordeal. The young man found himself tightly bound with plastic rope, rendering him entirely vulnerable in anticipation of what was to come.

The soldier, driven by intense emotions, resorted to extreme measures, inflicting both physical and psychological torment upon the young man. Using a cactus, he cruelly pricked the private parts of the individual, causing excruciating pain, and ruthlessly carved deep cuts on his face with a sharp object.

Following this brutal encounter, the soldier took the victim to the Makueni police station to involve the authorities.

In response to this incident, a segment of the Kenyan population has strongly advised against engaging in affairs with married individuals, emphasizing the potential consequences of such actions.

A netizen commented, “The Army man is likely to face serious assault charges when he enters a plea,” underscoring the severity of the situation.

Another online user cautioned, “Getting involved with someone else’s spouse is off-limits; it’s a toxic situation. Run away fast,” highlighting the inherent dangers associated with such relationships.