Cera Imani: I Got My Husband Khalif Kairo Through Prayers

Cera Imani, also known as Ms. Waithera, has recounted how her faith and prayers led her to Khalif Kairo, her ideal partner.

According to Cera, she ceased actively seeking a romantic partner and instead entrusted her desires to prayer, waiting for divine guidance. She emphasized the centrality of their Christian faith in their relationship, attributing their ability to overcome challenges to their shared religious convictions.

Expressing her affection and support for Kairo, Cera acknowledged his achievements and affirmed her unwavering commitment to him. She credited her partnership with Kairo to divine intervention and urged others to combine prayer with their pursuit of love.

Additionally, Cera reflected on the unexpected positive outcomes of facing online criticism, revealing that it attracted opportunities for collaboration with various brands.

Kairo and Cera gained widespread attention on social media following Kairo’s public display of affection towards his girlfriend, which garnered both praise and criticism from online users. Despite the initial backlash, their relationship became a topic of interest among internet users.