Diana Marua Inspiring Story From 'Msichana wa Mpesa' To YouTube Millionaire  -

Diana Marua Inspiring Story From ‘Msichana wa Mpesa’ To YouTube Millionaire 

Diana Marua’s Untold Rise to YouTube Stardom and a Million Dollars.

How Mpesa employee Diana Marua became a youtube mogul is very remarkable.

Kevin Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua, is one of Kenya’s YouTube millionaires. DianaMarua’s ascent from “Mpesa Lady” to “YouTube Millionaire” is a fascinating and motivational tale.

Beginnings of Diana Marua’s Road to YouTube Stardom and a Million Dollars.

Diana Marua is a Luo woman who was born and raised in the city of Migori in the province of Nyanza. After finishing school, she followed the path of many other Kenyans from modest means.

She had to set an example for her younger siblings because she was the firstborn. Diana’s career path began when she was an mpesa woman.

She spent some time with one company before accepting a position as a receptionist at another.

When she starred as a video vixen in Bahati’s song Maria, her life began to change.

That time Diana created YouTube.

Beginning a relationship with Bahati was the beginning of her transformation from mpesa woman to YouTube millionaire.

Diana’s introduction of the already-famous Bahati to the public sphere catapulted her to stardom. Her Instagram and Facebook following grew.

Since Diana was unemployed, she relied entirely on Bahati for support. But she made up her mind to be resourceful, so she might profit from her notoriety.

The year 2019 marks the debut of Diana Marua’s youtube channel, where she posts lifestyle vlogs.

Although this was a novel concept in Kenya, she quickly attracted followers thanks to widespread admiration for the Bahati family and interest in learning more about them.

There are already more than 700,000 people that follow Diana Marua on YouTube. From YouTube, she earns between half a million and a million shillings every month.

Her YouTube success may be attributed solely to the consistency and high quality of her uploads. Daily video uploads from Diana. Her vlogs consistently attract over a hundred thousand daily viewers.

Her fame has also resulted in numerous endorsement deals. She has signed multimillion-dollar contract