16 Members Of the Dreaded ‘Confirm Gang’ Arrested In Nakuru

Nakuru law enforcement authorities have apprehended a group of 16 individuals affiliated with the notorious ‘Confirm Gang,’ which has been instilling fear among residents in the region. The arrests occurred at the residence of Salome Nafula, where the gang members had convened, presumably planning to perpetrate a crime within the Nakuru West Sub-county area. Nafula herself was taken into custody along with the gang members.

The apprehended individuals spanned a wide range of ages, with the youngest being a mere 12 years old and the eldest, 34.

Among those detained were Omar Kipkoech Juma (24), discovered in possession of a black toy pistol and a mobile phone suspected to be stolen property; Tom Shikaya Osoho (18), armed with a silver pistol; Anthony Kaisa (18), brandishing a kitchen knife; Walter Otieno Awasi (18), carrying a knife; Dominic Kibet Bera (19), also wielding a kitchen knife; S A (16), armed with a kitchen knife; and Ismael Ndiema Bera (18), in possession of a Somali sword.

The roster continued with M A (16), D M (15), F K (14), F N (12), David Opiyo Rege (24), found with a suspected stolen mobile phone; C O (14), also with a mobile phone; Hillary Otieno Otieno (18), in possession of a suspected stolen mobile phone; Vincent Akelo Otieno (22); and Elizabeth Maresa Nanzala (34).

Furthermore, the suspects were discovered in possession of 300 grams of cannabis, 33 rolls of the substance, and two makeshift cannabis rolling devices.

The arrested individuals will be charged with various offenses, including criminal conspiracy, possession of illegal weapons, and drug possession. Law enforcement confiscated the seized items as evidence, and the accused will appear in court on Tuesday pending further investigation by the police.