NOT YET UHURU ''Mwalimu Dida On Why Ruto Should Not Celebrate The BBI Ruling

NOT YET UHURU ”Mwalimu Dida On Why Ruto Should Not Celebrate The BBI Ruling”

Former presidential candidate for Alliance for Real Change (ARC) Mwalimu Abduba Dida has responded to Dr.Ruto’s remark on the ruling that pronounced the BBI process illegal , Ruto had commended the decision and prompted that the focus should now be on how Kenyans can be vaccinated against Covid-19 after BBI was stopped.

“Our democracy is anchored on the rule of law, constitutionalism, separation of power and respect for independent institutions. All patriotic citizens must defend these tenets just like judiciary did. Now let’s focus on Covid vaccination, economic recovery, the big 4 and stay united.” DP Ruto stated.

Dida while responding on this stated that Ruto ought not to praise this since he had shown that he was neutral on matters BBI , he contended that Ruto had even seemed to support the initiative when other people were taking stands.

“Morio, I thought you decided to remain neutral kwa hii maneno. Tukitangaza Msimamo on BBI, you actually appeared to support it. Inakuaje Sasa Unaattend After Party? Sala!”, Dida posted.

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