She rejected me because I am poor but she got married to a drunkard.

This story of mine sounds like a fiction peace but it is what exactly happened to me and I am sure I am not the only one who has gone through this shit.

I met my girlfriend sometimes last year. We loved each other so much, and started to see each other as husband and wife in no distant time. We talked averagely ten times in a day. We would chat and make interesting long video calls. We couldn’t stand to be apart. For me, she was my dream girl. Her mum knew me pretty much and never seemed to have problem with our relationship. Her father, however, never seem to consent to our relationship. The obvious reason was that I didn’t have a job, thus I might not be able to take care of Marceline, her daughter.

She was in University then. Any time she would resume to school after end of school break, we would come walking abreast to the amazement of people in the motor park where she would board a car to back to school. Many would say we were a perfect match. I remember Musa, a bus conductor in the park, telling me to marry her on time so another man would not find chnaces with her. I have always been working hard; teaching in private schools, teaching computer in private ICT to support her in school and raised some money which I presented to her family as her dowry. But her parents rejected saying she was still in school. We are from the Northern part of Kenya where everyone knows how important marriage is. And as such, even a girl still in her secondary school level could be given out by her parents for marriage.

I developed fear anytime I thought about this pretty girl. My arteries would pump at high speed. When I confronted her, she assured me that her parent’s rejection of the dowry did not mean anything out of ordinary. It was only for her to complete her school. Since we loved each other, we decided to continue with the relationship.

Few months later, she began to cut our communications. I was afraid. She stopped initiating calls, and we would not communicate unless I initiated the communication. This continued for about a month. My fear got worsened when a friend of mine met me and told me that her father was planning to betroth her to another man. When I confronted her about this, she immediately denied it. I asked her to assure me that I should continue waiting for her but she was mute. Distraught by this, I concluded it was time to move on. And when she noticed I was ready to move on, she tried to get me back but her effort was not enough. graduates during commencement ceremony - lady black graduates stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

It was the right time to run to Spells so that I could get into another quick relationship as time was not on my side. I did not want to continue gambling with her. I visited one traditional doctor who run Spell casting services. In particular, I wanted Free love Spells that could enable me land another viable relationship. The Doctor by the name Mugwenu rushed me through the spells and even gave me a kamuti for love.

Two days later, I met woman on the stairs in town who started smiling at me and no sooner did that happen than we started dating. She is already pregnant with my child. Story is done and I am okay. Period!

Life goes on. I am happy again. It was my dream come true. I am also happier than before. It is good to keep pushing. But sometimes, we can’t force everything to happen. My ex is already suffering where she went. That man she hooked up with is a promiscuous drunkard type. Her parents are lost with options. Ohhh! My prayer is with everyone who is also in my shoe.

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