Akothee recently stirred up speculation regarding her relationship with her longtime business partner, Mwenda Thuranira, after they were spotted sharing a meal together.

The mother of five took to social media, sharing photos and videos of her rendezvous with the businessman. In one of the videos, she playfully teased, “Guys, meet Mwenda the 8th. So, I will be Ms. Mwenda, ah ah, Thuranira the 8th,” all while sharing hearty laughter.

However, the 43-year-old musician swiftly clarified that her meet-up with Thuranira was solely centered around their business interests. She explained, “We are having a business lunch meeting on Saturday. I know many of you say, no Saturday. Businessmen, we don’t have Saturdays, we don’t have Mondays, we have to work.” She went on to highlight some of Mwenda’s notable investments.

Nonetheless, the meeting between the two left some netizens buzzing with speculation, while others appeared to take Akothee’s jest about ‘Mwenda the 8th’ rather seriously.

One Facebook user even made a playful attempt to persuade the mother of five to tie the knot with Mwenda, listing some of the enticing benefits of marriage within the Meru community. “Now make Thuranira the 8th and come to Meru. We’ll prepare green porridge for you daily,” commented Rodah Marangu on Akothee’s Facebook post.

To this, Akothee offered a succinct reply, stating, “Rodah Marangu, I don’t pursue married men.”