Comedian Oga Obinna Adopts 2 Children From a Children’s Home in Nairobi

Kenyan comedian and media personality Oga Obinna has once again astounded many with his remarkable act of kindness by welcoming two children into his family from a Nairobi-based children’s home.

During a recent visit to the home alongside fellow celebrities, Obinna disclosed his frequent visits to the establishment, mentioning a visit last year with his own children. He revealed that his kids expressed a desire for more siblings, sparking his own inclination to expand their family.

Consequently, after discussions with the head of the children’s home, Obinna resolved to adopt a boy and a girl, expressing his commitment to providing them with the same love and opportunities as his biological children.

Moved by their stories and circumstances, Obinna took to Instagram, expressing his affection and seeking guidance on the official adoption process, eagerly anticipating their integration into his family.

In addition to his personal gesture, Obinna urged others to consider extending support to children in similar situations, whether through adoption or assisting with essential needs like education expenses.

The response to Obinna’s compassionate act has been overwhelmingly positive, with social media users praising him for his altruism and for setting a commendable example by supporting orphaned children.

Obinna, who already has four children of his own—consisting of a son and three daughters—continues to inspire others through his acts of kindness and generosity.