CMB Prezzo Anataka Kua Son-In-Law? Esther Musila’s Daughter Caught In Compromising Position With Prezzo

In a potentially surprising twist, the 43-year-old rapper, Prezzo, may soon become the son-in-law of Guardian Angel, who is a mere 35 years old.

Speculation about a romantic connection between Prezzo and Gilda Naibei, the daughter of media practitioner Esther Musila, emerged during Gilda’s birthday celebration. A photograph of the two in a close embrace circulated, with Gilda dressed in a black top sans a bra.

On Gilda’s birthday, Prezzo took to social media to share the intimate photo, extending his well wishes: “Happy birthday, more life Gilda,” he wrote. Gilda reciprocated by reposting Prezzo’s birthday message on her Instagram Stories, conspicuously choosing to share only his message among the numerous greetings she received.

The apparent closeness between Prezzo and Gilda fueled speculation, prompting observers to read between the lines. Some netizens argued that age should not be a hindrance to love, emphasizing that Prezzo is nearly twice Gilda’s age.

Interestingly, a parallel was drawn to Gilda’s mother, Esther Musila, who, at 53, is almost twice as old as her husband, Guardian Angel, aged 35. This led to contemplation about whether the age factor is relevant in matters of love, or if it is merely a twist of fate, given the similar age dynamics in Gilda’s own family.