“Nlikuwarn Usionyeshe Omosh Colour ya “Matanye” vile Imezeeka, Ona sasa amekuacha” : Kibe Tells Akothee.

In his recent commentary, popular YouTube blogger, Andrew Kibe, expressed his candid opinions about the events surrounding musician Akothee’s wedding to Mr. Omosh on Monday. Kibe admitted that he had struggled to withhold his negative comments but found it impossible to remain silent.

During one of his regular shows, Kibe didn’t hold back and criticized Akothee, particularly for her choice of makeup, which he believed did not complement her skin tone, resulting in an unflattering appearance. He recounted how he had come across numerous photos and videos from Akothee’s wedding and couldn’t help but react.

“Over the past couple of days, I’ve seen numerous photos and videos from Akothee’s wedding. My eyes couldn’t believe it. I witnessed many things that left me questioning whether I’d recover from this shock. As I looked closely, I noticed that she had applied makeup, and I couldn’t help but wonder if people are being honest here. There was one picture that, if edited differently, made her look like she had undergone a complete transformation. Maybe it’s the Kenyan sun,” Kibe remarked.

Kibe further expressed his belief that Akothee lacked genuine friends who genuinely cared about her well-being. He argued that true friends would have advised her against using makeup that didn’t complement her skin tone and encouraged her to embrace her natural appearance. He even claimed to be her only true friend, willing to provide her with unfiltered honesty.

“When I observed all this, I couldn’t help but think they had made a grave error. Because none of her friends seemed willing to tell her that she isn’t a makeup enthusiast but rather a ‘lip balm’ person. The issue seems to be that her skin tone and the makeup simply don’t match. It’s almost like someone underwent a head transplant or something,” Kibe remarked.

Kibe concluded by asserting that Akothee’s lack of real friends was evident, as true friends would have been honest with her. He reiterated his position as her genuine friend, offering to explain his perspective further.

Kibe acknowledged that he had wrestled with the desire to refrain from making negative comments about Akothee’s wedding, but the photos and circumstances compelled him to share his candid thoughts.

Akothee’s wedding with her European lover from Switzerland garnered considerable attention, attracting various celebrities, including politicians and entertainers, making it a lavish affair.