“Alikuwa Malaya” Wema Sepetu Reveals Why She Dumped Diamond Platnumz. -

“Alikuwa Malaya” Wema Sepetu Reveals Why She Dumped Diamond Platnumz.

Wema Sepetu, a renowned actress in Tanzania, has opened up about her breakup with Diamond Platnumz, her former boyfriend and a popular musician. The couple was together from 2012 to 2014 and were considered a power couple in Tanzania. During their relationship, Wema Sepetu’s Miss Tanzania award and fame helped boost Diamond Platnumz’s career.

Unfortunately, their bright future together came to an abrupt end when Wema Sepetu discovered that Diamond Platnumz was cheating on her. In an interview with Manara TV, Wema Sepetu stated that she had been faithful throughout their relationship but Diamond Platnumz had cheated on her with multiple people. This realization led her to end their relationship for her peace of mind.

Despite Diamond Platnumz’s attempts to apologize and make amends, such as gifting her a car in public, Wema Sepetu refused to forgive him and left him with a promise to never tolerate a cheating partner again. This breakup changed Diamond Platnumz’s perception of women, and he has struggled to maintain long-term relationships since then due to infidelity issues.

Currently, Wema Sepetu is in a happy relationship with Whozu but faces the challenge of trying to conceive a baby. She has publicly stated her desire to have a child and remains optimistic that it will happen for her one day with God’s help.