My husband wants 22 kids, Ama aniache, woman pregnant with her 11th child speaks

However, at the age of 30, Gentrix Wekesa finds herself with 10 children and shows no signs of slowing down. Her husband, on the other hand, is determined to have 22 children.

Wekesa originates from Navakholo village in Kakamega, a region where men strongly oppose the idea of family planning.

She explains that despite her efforts to discuss family planning with her husband, he adamantly refuses to consider it. He already has 20 children and aims to reach 22 to solidify his status among his peers.

Currently expecting her eleventh child, with her youngest barely a year old, Wekesa had previously opted for a family planning shot three years ago. However, she’s back to having children as per her husband’s wishes.

In the Luhya community, particularly among Bunyala men, there is staunch opposition to women using contraceptives. They believe that their societal standing is bolstered by having more children, considering contraceptives a significant impediment to their goal of large families.

According to some Banyala elders, having numerous children aligns with God’s directive to populate the Earth, thus viewing the use of family planning as contradicting divine order.

Nevertheless, a subset of Banyala men acknowledges the challenges posed by harsh economic conditions, prompting them to reconsider their stance on childbirth.