” Mama Yetu Alipata Depression After kuona My Sisters Video” Alicia Kanini’s real Brother Reveals.

Alicia Kanini’s brother has recently spoken out about the family’s distress after Alicia’s intimate videos went viral online, bringing shame to her and the entire family.

According to her brother, the siblings were separated at a young age. Alicia, the eldest, was born in 2002, and he was born in 2005. They have been raised by a single mother, and life has been challenging for them since childhood.

The scandal began when videos of Alicia engaging in inappropriate behavior circulated online. Their mother, already struggling with a chronic illness, saw the videos and was so shocked that she had to be rushed to the hospital. She is currently recovering but remains too ashamed to appear in public.

The brother expressed deep regret on behalf of the family for Alicia’s actions and personally disowned her. Despite their attempts to reach out to Alicia, her response was dismissive, stating that she is just trying to make a living and asking them to stop interfering with her affairs.