“Niko na Watoto Ishirini” Meet Kakamega Fertile Man Who Impregnates His Wife Every Year.

A Kakamega man by the name Antony Wekesa caused stir online, after the video of him denying to use family planning method went viral online. Antony said that he has 20 children and he still wants her wife to continue giving birth.

The video was hilarious but , the man said that he doesn’t want his wife to do any family planning methods, and his plans is to have about 22 children or more. He said that when he feels that is enough the he will stop making his wife pregnant.

Speaking in an interview, Centrix Wekesa the wife said that the husband can’t stop impregnating her. Every year he has been making her pregnant. Immediately she starts her period, Antony makes her pregnant and she is even pregnant, as she was doing the interview.

The woman said that she tried to go for a family planning injection, and was given for 3 years, the husband was very harsh and violent. They went back to the hospital and demanded it to be removed immediately and she warned the doctor never to do that to his wife again.

Centrix said that she has tried to talk to her husband to stop making her pregnant but talks never bear fruits, every year she is always pregnant, and the children just follow each other in ages, and Antony seems not to be stopping soon.