Remember Leonard Mambo Mbotela? What Happened To Him?

Leonard Mambo Mbotela’s illustrious career in journalism has left an indelible mark on Kenya’s media landscape. Born in 1940 in Mombasa, Mbotela’s journey as a journalist began in the 1980s. His breakthrough came with the popular show “Je, Huu Ni Uungwana?” broadcast on state-owned KBC Chanel 1 and KBC Radio Taifa, earning him widespread recognition for its educational content….CONTINUE READING

Despite the challenges he faced, such as being forced at gunpoint in 1982 to announce a false coup on air, Mbotela persevered and maintained his reputation as one of Kenya’s finest journalists throughout the regimes of Presidents Moi and Kibaki.

In 2010, Mbotela gradually stepped away from the public eye, likely attributed to his advancing age and the need for relaxation. Currently residing in Mombasa with his family, he enjoys a peaceful life. Despite facing some financial difficulties, Mbotela has been fortunate to receive support from well-wishers.

Even today, Leonard Mambo Mbotela’s contributions to Kenyan journalism are highly esteemed. KBC continues to broadcast some of his best programs, keeping his legacy alive. As he lives a quiet life in Mombasa, the industry and the public express gratitude for his invaluable contributions. Wishing Leonard Mambo Mbotela a long and healthy life, Kenya recognizes and thanks him for his enduring impact on journalism.