Vihiga Man Finds Wife Naked With Her church Pastor In Their Maternal Bed ,Takes A Selfie With Them.

After observing a local pastor and his charming wife, a drama teacher at Hamisi High School in Vihiga County documented a surprising encounter through a selfie. The man behind the lens, Samson Onyiso, disclosed that he had enlisted the pastor’s help. The pastor, who also happens to be an electrician, was tasked with mounting their new 43-inch TV on the wall….CONTINUE READING

According to Onyiso, he left the premises for about an hour to give the pastor ample time to complete the TV installation. However, upon his return, he was met with the shocking sight of the pastor engaged in an intimate encounter with his wife.

Expressing his overwhelming emotions, Onyiso revealed that he was so disturbed by the incident that he couldn’t find the words to yell, scream, or confront the pastor. Instead, he chose an unconventional path to deal with his anguish by opting to publicly shame the pastor in front of the neighborhood and his in-laws. This decision culminated in the act of capturing a selfie as a means of exposing the pastor’s betrayal.