Reggae fanatic Steve Bhingi Confesses His Crush on TIKTOKER Mungai Eve

Reggae enthusiast Steve Bhingi recently confessed to harboring strong feelings for Kenyan YouTuber Mungai Eve.

During a recent interview, he expressed admiration for Mungai Eve’s beauty, asserting that given the chance, he wouldn’t hesitate to make her love life more fulfilling.

“If we were to judge by appearances, sister… If it’s about looks, you were crafted with finesse… If you’re single, sister, we could mix and mingle… You were crafted with wisdom,” Bhingi remarked.

He lightened the mood by reminding her not to let his short stature deter her.

Furthermore, he underscored his desire to fulfill their purpose in life.

“Our purpose is to procreate. Jah created us and instructed us to fulfill the world. So, we should contribute to the world, fill it up,” he stated.

Their banter took a playful turn when Bhingi compared Mungai to his ex-girlfriend, eliciting laughter from both.

“You know, you’re short,” she teased, to which Bhingi replied, “as long as we’re rastas, we’re playing the game smoothly, because when you play the game smoothly, you know, as long as you’re not under pressure…”