Amber Ray Addresses Relationship With Brown Mauzo -

Amber Ray Addresses Relationship With Brown Mauzo

Kenyan socialite Amber Ray recently spoke about her relationship with musician Brown Mauzo, putting to rest the rumors of a romantic involvement between them. During an interview with Oga Obinna, Amber Ray firmly refuted any romantic ties with Brown Mauzo, emphasizing that their connection was strictly professional.

Speculation about their alleged romantic involvement had arisen a few years ago when their pictures together circulated widely on social media. However, Amber Ray clarified that nothing romantic had transpired between her and Mauzo. She disclosed that their interactions were primarily centered around promoting Mauzo’s online presence, essentially chasing clout in the world of social media.

Recently, there was a buzz on social media as fans reacted with mixed emotions when it was announced that Kenyan musicians Brown Mauzo and Amber Ray would be co-hosting an upcoming event in Mwea on September 16. Some fans were surprised by this collaboration, particularly in light of Mauzo’s recent breakup with Vera Sidika.

In response to the raised eyebrows, Amber Ray asserted that she is a married woman and had not planned with Brown Mauzo to co-host the event. She further highlighted a prevalent issue within the entertainment industry, where any public interaction between two celebrities of opposite genders is often misconstrued as romantic involvement by the public.