Netizens Blast Kinuthia For Showing Off His Nyash

Renowned Kenyan Crossdresser and content creator, Kelvin Kinuthia, has recently faced criticism from netizens for his online display of attire, particularly focusing on his posterior.

Critics argued that his attire was indecent, especially as he bent over, revealing his prominent behind. They questioned the absence of celebrated motivational speaker Robert Burale, known for his lectures on moral conduct, to address Kinuthia’s behavior and urge him to reconsider his choices.

In his social media posts, Kinuthia referred to himself as a girl, sparking curiosity among his followers. Many harshly advised him to return to wearing male clothing and refrain from identifying as a girl.

Captioning his photos with “Who’s that girl,” Kinuthia expressed his admiration, punctuating his words with love emojis.

In the images, Kinuthia wore a black trouser suit with yellow accents, showcasing his alluring appearance. One particular photo, where he posed while bending over, drew significant attention to his prominent rear.

Among the responses, a fan named Brian Cassper invoked religious connotations, warning Kinuthia about the imminent return of Jesus, likening it to a thief in the night.

Recently, during an interview with Oga Obinna, seasoned speaker Robert Burale admonished Kinuthia for his choice of attire. Burale criticized Kinuthia for presenting himself as a woman despite being a man, citing it as a negative influence on young people and society as a whole.

Comments from netizens reflected a mix of disapproval and incredulity towards Kinuthia’s actions, with some expressing their disappointment and others questioning the absence of intervention from figures like Burale.